What’s Included

In-home consultation and assessment

General pantry items and spices

Cooking of all
your meals

All kitchen
clean up


Food packaging
and labeling

Custom menu research, planning and prep

Meal Storage

Schedules are flexible and you can choose to have meal prep services weekly, every other week or as needed as long as open dates exist for your desired time.

The best time to pay is the day of service, after your chef has finished the grocery shopping and preparation.  


Meal Prep Services

There are three meal plan options: three, four or five meals per week. Prices are based on meals/servings for 2-10 people.

Adjustments can be made to cook  more or less depending on your individual needs.

3-Meal Plan:  $300 (plus cost of groceries)

4-Meal Plan:  $350 (plus cost of groceries)

5-Meal Plan:  $400 (plus cost of groceries)

Dinner Party Services

$75/hr (plus cost of groceries)