Inspired Eats

Discover new tastes and explore through everyday cooking inspiration.


Cilantro Lime chicken skewers with black bean, corn salsa

Braised chicken thighs with creamy mushroom thyme sauce

Honey garlic glazed chicken with asian cucumber salad

Chicken Verde enchiladas

Chicken Cacciatore, braised in tomato garlic sauce with pepper and onion 

Chicken Caprese Rosa with linguine

Roasted chicken with white wine, fresh herbs and garlic




 –Asian marinated flank steak with sesame garlic broccoli 

Thai meatballs with red curry sauce

Mongolian steak tacos with bok choy slaw

Beef Tagine with scallion couscous

Thai beef stir fry with turmeric rice

Beef Stroganoff with buttered egg noodles

Beef and Vegetable dhansak

-Spicy Moroccan braised beef, chickpea quinoa salad



 Thai shrimp curry with mango chutney 

Cajun shrimp boil with smoked sausage, corn and redskins 

Seared hot honey shrimp with bok choy

Sweet chili and ginger glazed salmon with steamed greens 

Thai style Mahi with red pepper couscous

Crab cakes with chipotle aioli

Fish tacos with citrus cucumber salsa

Lobster mac and cheese


Root beer braised pulled pork with broccoli slaw

-Carnitas burrito bowl with mango salsa

Garlic ginger pork with Hoikkien noodles 

Jerked pork tenderloin

Ancho braised pork shoulder with spanish rice

Pork, sweet potato, black bean and kale enchiladas

-Chipotle Pad thai

-Stir fry in thai peanut sauce

-Mediterranean pork millet salad

Plant Based

-Crab-less crab cakes, hearts of palm with dill remoulade

-Wild rice casserole with winter squash, brussels sprouts and cranberries

-Cold sesame soba noodles with vegetables

-Thai peanut coconut cauliflower chickpea curry

-Roasted asparagus, mushroom and white bean risotto 

-Roasted vegetable grain bowl with tzatziki

-Greek spaghetti squash salad 


Coconut Jasmine rice

Roasted herbed potatoes 

Curry roasted cauliflower

Roasted butternut squash 

Herbed quinoa

Roasted root vegetables

Orzo with scallion

 Garlic mashed potatoes