How it Works?

Meal Prep Services

It is simple, first we will provide you with a short meal questionnaire for you to fill out. You and your chef will go over your answers during your free consultation, either over the phone or at your home. From there, your chef will create menus based on personal preferences, allergies – you name it. We set up a cook day, and your chef will shop for ingredients according to your uniquely customized menu.   

Okay – back to the kitchen! Now that’s when the work gets even better. In your kitchen, your chef will prepare and cook delicious foods that are packaged and made ready to reheat. 

The plastic storage containers provided are yours to keep- they are reusable, microwave and dishwasher safe.  If you prefer your own containers, that’s totally fine. In the end, we clean up, store and label the meals. 

Dinner Party Services

 Planning an elaborate dinner party couldn’t be easier with the help of a personal chef. Just give us an idea of what you have in mind and then let us propose the perfect dinner party experience for you. When planning a dinner, we like to know your favorite foods, the theme/occasion for your event, number of guests, if anyone has food allergies, and any other special requests.

Each Private dinner is customized for your special experience. With your ideas, we will plan your menu, shop for your food, travel to you, cook, serve, and clean the mess!